Traveling to Bhutan

I am getting ready for a long awaited trip to Bhutan, I’ll also be a few days in Bangkok then on to Laos. I hope to document the trip with photos of food and interesting sites. If you would like to follow, subscribe to my posts. I will be testing my systems of photo and editing over the next few days, so bare with me, I just want to make sure I have it down. I’m trying something new for me that will have the photos all in one place for viewing later, and not lost in threads of FB or Twitter. You’ll be able to find the posts on Posterous and Edible Hawaiian Islands/Wordpress

Let me know right away if these links aren’t working.

If your not familiar with Bhutan, click here to check it out.

I look forward to your comments, and if you have been to Bhutan or Laos and have suggestions, feel free to let me know.



2 thoughts on “Traveling to Bhutan

  1. Gloria, have a wonderful adventure. I am planning a similar journey in November so I will be interested to hear of your favorite places to go, things to eat and see and other treasures you are sure to uncover. Thanks for sharing the thrill of it all.Hugs and Aloha,Mimsy

  2. Happy travels…we can’t wait to hear about your adventures..we’ll be "following" you…love…D & B

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