The Art of Handwriting

When was the last time you sent a post card with a long message? Penmanship was an important part of my education growing up, it always amazes me that it wasn’t the same for everyone. Were you encouraged to write to family or pen pals over seas? As many of you know, I travel a great deal, I always loved the stationary in the desk of the hotels and used to take a sample home with me as a momento. Then about 10 years ago, maybe longer, I started to write on the stationary wherever I was, and sent it home to myself. The interesting thing though is that although I mailed it to myself, the inside letter is written to my children. If there was a post card or brochure, I would put that in the envelope as well. So I basically have created a diary of our travels that one day they will read. They will have handwritten letters from us, something that is a dying social art form.

Let me know if you do something special along these lines, preserving handwriting?

The post card below is from the Smithsonian, 1969.

The Art of Handwriting – Tawney | Newsdesk.

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