Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate National Farmers Market Week (August 4-10)

10 Reasons to Celebrate National Farmers Markets Week! (Some reasons were chosen out of the thousands consumers shared with us when they pledged their $10 to the I Love My Farmers Market Celebration.)


1) It’s local community coming together to support and nurture each other and the earth we live on. ~ says Tomi from Homer NY.
2) For every $10 spent on local food, as much as $7.80 is re-spent in the local community.*
3) There’s nothing better than interacting with the people that nourish your body. ~ lauds L.V. of Ashtabula OH.
4) I see some of my favorite people, enjoy tasty local food and watch all the children run around and play together. It’s great! – extols Rachel from Hardwick VT.
5) Farmers take home almost $8-9 instead of the $1.55 that farmers and ranchers receive from the retail market.*
6) We LOVE knowing the people who grow and harvest what we eat. Shopping at the farmers market every Saturday morning connects us to our food and to our community in a way that no other activity can. It is an essential part of lives. ~ praises Diane from Palo Alto CA.
7) More than an acre of farmland is lost every minute to poorly planned development.*
8) I love supporting local farms, farmers are the backbone of this country’s food supply. ~ shares Felicia from Auburn NY.
9) Because everyone is so friendly, the produce is beautiful and the selection is wonderful. ~ enthuses Tina from Healdsburg CA.
10) Pledge your $10 to help your local farmers market become a top state market or in the Top 100 Markets (pledging ends Sept 9th: final winners will receive special badges and bragging rights forevermore).

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