Do You Back Up Your Computer?

We all have horror stories about not backing up, I learned my lesson years ago, I now use #Mozy, it happens in the background automatically.

So this is a reminder along with a cool #contest:

Our annual “Frightful Computer #Haiku Contest” is back. If you have submitted before and haven’t won, now’s your chance! The third time’s the charm, right? Comment on this post with your haiku to enter to win $200!

Frightful Computer Haiku Contest v 3.0 | The Mozy Blog.

Good Luck, and let me know if you win!

Spook-Fest-Tacular Party ~ How To

Hosting a themed party is one of the great pleasures in life, but let’s be honest it is a lot of work. The more you plan and prepare, the more you and your guests will enjoy. Take a look at some of our best tips for hosting a super spooky, super fun Halloween Spook-Fest-Tacular!

Spook-Fest-Tacular | Entertain.

Need Art for a Story or a Book?

I would like to introduce Mary Ogle, her art is beautiful, I love the quality and the look of it. Mary can work with you on an article or help you to create a narrative of images to help tell a story.

Mary’s talents include:

Fine artist, illustrator, book and magazine layout and design, logo designer, ad designer, article writer/columnist/tv show reviewer, technical manual writer.

Click on the “Lemon Aid” to see Mary’s website.



Paleo French Cuisine – Intimate Interview with Exec. Chef Alain Braux

by: Tina Turbin

Includes recipes


Kansas Farmers Commit To Taking Less Water From The Ground

Kansas Farmers Commit To Taking Less Water From The Ground : The Salt : NPR.

Mango Habanero Pot Stickers


These sound amazing. Lunch?

Mango Habanero Pot Stickers | Love and Olive Oil.

Noble Chef Event Takes You to 8 Countries | Maui Now

Tickets still available.

This Saturday, Oct. 26, is the 17th annual #NobleChef event, the largest annual fundraiser showcasing and supporting the #Maui Culinary Academy at the University of Hawai‘i Maui College.

Read more: By Vanessa Wolf

Noble Chef Event Takes You to 8 Countries | Maui Now.

Appetizer from 2012’s Noble Chef, Photo by Peter Liu