Where To Eat In #Jerusalem



Mahane Yehuda, 10 Beit Yaakov St., Jerusalem, 011-972-2–533-3442

Chefs – Asof Granit, Yossi Elad & Uri Navon collaborated on this popular hot spot, reservations a must.


A chef restaurant, about a minute from Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda market. The fun atmosphere of the market shows in every aspect of the place, from the language of the menu to the singing kitchen staff. The night we were there, we encountered a full film crew, the chefs are part of a reality show, and we got to watch. This resaturant and it's staff guarantee a fun crazy night with amazing food. (Thank you Jamie). The nearby market is apparent in every dish: fish tartar in yogurt and dates, black risotto with cauliflower, artichokes, squid and parmesan, basbousa cake with tehina ice cream and fruit. A must is the Tomato Salad, no kidding, it's the best, and do not miss the Polenta – Mushroons, parmesan with truffle oil, served in a mason jar.


Our table also had, Homemade pasta with zucchini and pumpkin, Ravioli with sweetbreads, cinnamon, Moroccan carrot & wine sauce. To end the evening, you must have Cheese cake in a jar – mascarpone & Cardamon Cream Anglaise.




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