Experiencing #Masada #Israel

To truly understand Masada, you have to visit. To stand in the middle of what was a massive sophisticated palace with it's surroundings is difficult to fathom. It is a desert mesa surrounded by sheer cliffs. It was built by Herod The Great, in the 1st century BCE. It is so massive a few photos do not do it justice. One of my favorites however is Harods own bath area, where the mosaic tile is still preserved, along with two bath tubs.

I would suggest looking up the history of Masada, it's fascinating.

The model is one side of the Mesa, where guests were entertained in grand style.

This photo show the tiles in the blathroom.


Masada is also where almost a thousand Jews – men, women and children, made a desperate last stand in 70 CE against the Romans, while battering rams were at the gates, the Masada defenders chose suicide over enslavement. I encourage you to read the history, it's fascinating.


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