One Night in #Alsace-Lorraine, #Colmar #France

On our drive to Alsace, heading for Colmar, we thought we would see all the vines, there is actually a Vin Road, but it was really cold and everything was in a white winter land fog, very beautiful in fact.

Bordered by Germany, Alsace-Lorraine has changed hands between the two countries many times in the last 350 years. This back and forth has left a mark – you'll find that Germanic half timber houses sometimes clash with the French cafe' scene. You can also see it in the mix of food.

Alsace is also a very important wine-producing region, especially in full body Pinot Gris and Rieslings.

We stayed and ate at Hotel Les Tetes (which means head). The restaurant is La Maison Des Tetes. The atmosphere was old world, the food delicious. Thank you Carmen & Mark Rohfritsch.
Home-made foie gras d'Ole (goose) in Riesling with pears.
Avocado salad with the thinnest sliced avo I've ever seen.

Medallion de Veau (veal) with wood mushrooms, spaetzeles.

Macaroon with fresh raspberry and vanilla ice cream.




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