A Day in #Dijon #Burgundy #France

We had a driver meet us today to take us to Dijon, still very cold here. It turns out that our driver happens to have the best Wine Tour company in the area, lucky us. Youri Lebault, he is incrediably knowledgable, charming and fun. We learned more in a car ride then we would have thought possible. His English is great, and has many American clients. Bourgogne Gold Tour.

Youri has a book coming out soon, that teaches all about the wine, earth, vines and grapes…. I'll keep you posted. We learned that Burgundy wines are all single grape and the Grand Cru are at the top of the slope or hill.

Here is a look at the frozen vines, actually quite beautiful



We had an amazing dinner at Ma Cuisine, a little local place back in Beaune. Lucky to have eaten here, in summer you can't get in.

The way to the restaurant.


Sardines exquisitely filleted, no small bones to be found. Was great

Ham pâté' with salad and baby onions

Chicken in amazing foamy, delicate cream sauce
Pigeon with finely minced ratatouille.

This was not a grand cru, but it was local and delicious


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