#Lyon #France Paul Bocuse

We looked forward to our night out at Paul Bocuse, when visiting Lyon, if you come from the food world, eating here is on your bucket list. Chef Bocuse was responsible for re-creating Classic French cuisine. He moved away from the rich classic style, to the lighter fresher style of cooking. This new style became known as Nouvelle Cuisine. We were excited to experience dishes from the birthplace of Nouvelle Cuisine.

Top: Pumpkin soup with walnuts, Bottom: Duck foie gras, jellied consommé and Porto, Truffle soup V.G.E. in pastry, created for the French President in 1975
I loved the butter dish and the china…. Top: pigeon (aka squab) with fresh local veggies.

And Filet of beef Rossini, Perigueux sauce.

We had left the Burgundy wine area, Lyon is in Cotes du Rhone region. We had two amazing wines. Delicious.

Cheese course, and endless desserts. And of course the bill! Madam Bocuse came to say hello, and the staff was outstanding..

Endless walking in Lyon, and so much to see. Here is a photo from the bridge we walked across twice a day, and a few more shots from their beautiful fresh market.


One thought on “#Lyon #France Paul Bocuse

  1. Wish we could be there with you, Gloria. Many many great cities in France, and Lyon is one of them. So many bouchons in which to dine, so little time. This Paul Bocuse stop had to be wonderful!

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