Last #Dinner in #Lyon #France

A gastronomic treat, the hotel sent us to Te.Te.Doie. Beautiful, contemporary decor, very different from most of where we have been. The restaurant is on top of one of the many hills in Lyon, when you arrive you are asked to sit in a room for a glass of champagne and the view is unreal. Not only is the city lit up, but right in the center of town down below is a Ferris wheel giving an amazing light show.

Chef Christian Tetedoie is truly an artist, not only are the dishes amazingly delicious, but you want to look at them for a long time as well. When you are leaving, you are handed a small elegant menu of what you had….


Lobster and Apple, poached medallion & apple soaked in cider, Chinese cabbage, peanuts and cilantro… And lots of delicate tiny edible flowers.

Onions & Truffle, French onion soup new version (yes soup), marrow bones, ham with truffles & Comte' cheese… Unreal.

Main Courses

Dublin Bay Prawn, just cooked, creamed satay, pineapple and yellow curry.


Hen Pheasant, stuffed supreme & thigh legs chrome squids, garlic cream and roasted cep


Morello Cherry, crunchy cocoa, vanilla mascarpone cream, Morello cherry spicy and sorbet.

This place is a MUST when visiting Lyon.

The View and Amuse Bouche




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