December 21st #Basque Tradition

The Feast of St. Thomas or Feria de Santo Tomas

You can smell the txistorra (chorizo) and talo (special bread) all around the city. The streets are packed with people dressed in traditional Basque costumes, there are endless stands in both Gipuzkoa and Constitional Square, where you will find the star of the festival, “Jaxinta” pig.

In the mid 19th Century, every 21st of December, farmers of the province moved to the capital to pay annual rents to landowners. The farmers took advantage of their trip to town to get items that they did not have in their own village, and at the same time, sell their best products. Thus they realized that holding a fair was necessary, and this is how St. Thomas festival began in the local Constitution Square.

Since then, not wanting to lose this tradition, when this day arrives, San Sebastián becomes a large rural market in which txistorra (chorizo) is the star. The stalls are loaded also with local cheese, honey, bread, vegetables, cider and typical Basque crafts.


This pot is roasting chestnuts



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