First Dinner in San Sebastián #Spain

We took a taxi about half an hour out of the city to have a dining experience to be remembered. We had the great pleasure of eating at Zuberoa.

Chef Hilario Arbelaitz inherited from his mother his love of traditional dishes using quality ingredients. This is a family run restaurant that follows the philosophy of using exceptional ingredients to create the best seasonal dishes. The kitchen in the beginning was traditional but now is modern while remembering the roots of Basque cuisine.

There is also Eusebius, Chef Hilario's brother who together with his wife Arantxa not only keep everything running smoothly, but Eusebius knows the extensive wine list quite well and can help with choosing the best local wine for your dinner

The Restaurant is located in one of the most ancient villages Oiartzun, and its walls have been faithful witness to the passage of more than six hundred years.

This was probably the most extraordinary foie gras we have ever tasted. They called it royal foie gras with cream and cherry. The bottom (you can't see) is the whipped foie gras, the dark layer is a cherry aspec and the top is white truffle foam.

This was called blue fish with amazing little tastes of creams

Baby lamb roasted in the oven for hours, just fell off the bones.

Roasted sea bassinet wine with artichokes and grilled mini leeks.

Amazing apple pie with vanilla ice cream

Their famous cheese cake that is beyond words


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