Cookbook Reviews: Le Livre Blanc – Anne-Sophie Pic

Cookbook: ART!

From France's only 3-Michelin Starred Female Chef




Review by: Gloria Cohen

Review By: Gloria COhen

It should come as no surprise that this deservedly celebrated chef should pen such a stunningly gorgeous cookbook – beautiful in content and form.


From the crystalline simplicity of the photography to the cutout slipcase. Le Livre Blanc explores Pic’s unique approach to her art, with dishes arranged idiosyncratically into six chapters: soft pink and acid yellow: contemporary memories; iodine in the earth; the weight of air; traditional eccentricity and the margins of frontiers.

blue lobster dish - just blue lobster - homard


Le Livre Blanc was born from the desire to document the inimitable culinary of Ann-Sophie Pic: to communicate the purity and simplicity that have gained her critical acclaim and Michelin stars at Le Restaurant Pic and Beau-Rivage Palace.

Throughout, Pic delivers insights into her creative process; the interplay of imagination and memory in creating dishes; and the associations between flavors and textures that make her cooking unique. The book includes 50 recipes that inspire and amaze.

blue lobster dish - homard-fruits-rouges


bresse chicken - poularde-dattes-medjoul


fresh morels peas broad beans - morilles-feve


caramel Gruyère and black truffle hot soufflé with a melting Cazette


Coming from a long line of illustrious chefs, Anne-Sophie Pic began her career in 1997. Today, she is the only woman in France to boast three stars in the Michelin guide. Her most recent is Le Dame de Pic, opened in Paris 2012


Published by Jacqui Small LLP, available at a bookseller of your choice. $60. US $65. CAN

Coming soon, sample recipes from this beautiful book.



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