On The Road ~ Miami Beach

Joe's Stone Crab – Seafood Restaurant Since 1913

A must when visiting Miami.

In 1913, Joe Weiss opened up a small lunch counter on Miami Beach. This was before Miami Beach was even a city. Folks stopped in to chat and for a top-notch fish sandwich and fries. This, of course, was only the beginning, and what happened next is a story worth telling. Click below for more of the story.

Stone Crabs, when caught, one claw is taken, the crab is put back in the sea and grows a new one… Sustainable food.

Rock Shrimp tacos… Yum

Grilled tomatoes



Visit http://www.joesstonecrab.com and go to “about us” you can also have stone crabs shipped to you ready to eat.


3 thoughts on “On The Road ~ Miami Beach

  1. Joe”s may be the reason for my MB home. I wish I knew you were there,I would have sent keys to get decorating advise from the Master. Have a great time. X Rob

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