World Gourmet Festival 2016

~ Discover New Culinary Landscapes in the Best Restaurants across the World ~


The Global World Gourmet Society Festival will start September 1st 2016!
Top restaurants across the globe offer their interpretation of the World Gourmet Society’s mission to discover new culinary landscapes in form of a side menu along side their regular menu . Click below for the list of participating restaurants.

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Good as Gould — Edible Pioneer Valley

The Final Days of Sugaring

The kitchen table is heaped with folders, fat with newspaper clippings and photographs in plastic sleeves, 55 years’ worth of Gould’s Maple Sugarhouse memories. Helen Gould easily and often slides up and down the timeline of family history as she tells me the stories.

“Warm days and cold nights,” says Larry, “that’s the key.” The sap starts flowing and the movement multiplies all over the farm. Through the winter, Helen, three of her six children, Larry, Leonard, and Linda, plus one full time hired helper, run the operation. Come sugaring, the place buzzes with help of siblings, spouses, grandkids, great grandkids, and a team of what Larry calls “local labor.”

By MarykateSmith Despres | Family photographs courtesy of Helen Gould

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Baby Talk at a Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Baby Talk at a Michelin-Starred Restaurant

I love this!

Nibble+Squeak aims to give new parents an opportunity to eat a nice meal without worrying that their wean just spit up on the floor.

By Jesse Hirsch Photos by Melissa Elders

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James Beard Foundation

by Maggie Borden

Photo: Michael Persico

The Philadelphia-based Cook N Solo restaurant group draws crowds for the Texas-style pit game at Percy Street Barbecue and the mouthwatering fried chicken at Federal Donuts (not to mention the equally popular Abe Fisher and Dizengoff), but at the center of this budding empire is the modern Israeli cuisine on offer at JBF Award winner Michael Solomonov’s Zahav. Solomonov, a titan of tahini, shares the inspirations and recipes behind some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes in his cookbook, Zahav, which was written with his partner Steven Cook and nominated for our 2016 JBF Award for Best Cookbook: International. Amongst the encyclopedic investigations of hummus, salatim, and borekas, Solomonov and Cook offer seven variations on lamb, including this easy yet impressive salt-baked leg, destined to be the centerpiece of your next dinner party. Get the recipe. Click Below!

Source: James Beard Foundation

No-Bake Grilled Zucchini & Corn Lasagna | Edible Sarasota


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Tastes of the Heartland | Edible Michiana

Tastes of the Heartland

“I’m sick of their bicoastal #$*!.” Chef and food writer Kurt Michael Friese, publisher of Edible Iowa, didn’t mince words in a Facebook post about a recent New York Times story.

The story, a feature about restaurants in Iowa, explained that contrary to their expectations, members of the press corps visiting for the presidential caucuses could, in fact, find more than fast-food pizza and pork chops on a stick in the state. The writer assured readers that Iowa even has some James Beard–quality restaurants.

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