On The Road ~ Santiago Chile 2

Where to eat in Santiago: Restaurant 040 is a must.


Dumplings filled with shredded pork rib and spicy miso broth.

Spanish chef Sergio Barroso is part of a new wave of chefs in Chile who take inspiration from around the world while mining the country’s own rich culinary history.

Chef Barroso was born in Madrid, worked at El Bulli and at Denis Martin in Switzerland. Restaurant 040 opened in 2015. The food is inventive, technically accomplished dishes that are strongly influenced by molecular gastronomy.

Most everything is one bit. No flatware is on the table instead is your own bowl of lemon water for your fingers.


Taco wrapped in white cotton candy you pinch together to eat, and a little sip of Bloody Mary.


Malayan fried pork belly rinds


Waffle cookie with spiced mango ice cream.


Chocolate wagashi cafe and banana wagashi

Restaurant 040 is one of the Diners Clubs “World’s 50 Best Restaurants”

Restaurant 040

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