On The Road ~ Lima Peru 39

Where to eat in Lima.

Next on the list is the extraordinary Central Restaurante.

The menu starts with the sea, then to the forest, the high jungle, the high Andes, to the Amazon. Your tastebuds will travel through Peru.

Central Restaurante is located in the Miraflores District of Lima, Peru, it is the flagship restaurant of Peruvian Chef Virgilio Martinez Velez, and serves as his workshop in the investigation and integration of indigenous Peruvian ingredients into the restaurant menu. Central is rated number 4 in the world.

For me this is where food art meets the art of plating at its highest degree.


Desert Plants: Hurango – Cactus – Sweet Potato Leaf. (You only eat the leaf)

There is a choice as to the number of courses you would like in your tasting menu, you can also ask for a vegetarian version in advance. We had 11 courses, one Mater Ecosystem (you eat all kinds of specialties) or The Vegetal Ecosystem


Those are rocks, not potatoes, all the plates are bite size morsels, see if you can tell.



Last but not least is Waters of Nanay, it was actually third in the Mater tasting. Piranhas – Cocona- Achiote- Huampo Bark. You eat the little bit on top, the Piranhas are frozen, not for eating.  Also the plates get taken away as soon as you are done, no playing with the Piranhas.

Below is a copy of the tasting menus, sorry i couldn’t get a better copy.


On The Road ~ Lima Peru 38

Where to eat in Lima.

Eating out in Lima is a Foodies dream, three of the top 50 restaurants in the world are here.

Maido, according to the 2017 San Pellegrino rankings, not just Latin America’s second best restaurant, but also number eight in the world. A must on your list in Lima.


The name means “welcome” in Japanese. Chef  Mitsuharu Tsumura pushes the boundaries of “Nikkei” cuisine, a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian food. Tsumura is a great explorer of native ingredients, like cut (guinea pig), or Amazonian tubers and more. The flavors are amazing.




Dumpling with pork and shrimp, served with spicy ponzu sauce.




Tora with Maca sauce




Nitsuke braised short rib cooked for 50 hours, with white fried rice Cecilia and benishoga.


On The Road ~ Lima Peru 37

Today we meet up with Susie, she will be our last but not least Guide in this beautiful country of Peru.


This is an incredible archaeological site right in the middle of the Miraflores section of the city. This site is a Pre-Incan temple complex which was used by both the Wari and Lima cultures from 200 AD – 700 AD


From there we went to the amazing Muse Ora Del Peru or the Gold Museum of Peru. No photos allowed. The Museum holds over 8000 prehispanic gold and silver pieces. If you are ever here it’s a must go to see.


We then went off to the Monastery of St Francisco, incredible museum in its own right. Again no photos so i took some from their website.

The Catacombs beneath the Cathedral are amazing and endless, from little rooms to large ones like this.


Also amazing was the very old library with endless books that looked like they would float away like dust if you sneezed.


We finished off with lunch at Cala, on the water.


Susie, so sweet.


Ceviche many different ways.



On The Road ~ Next Stop Lima Peru 36

We are leaving the country side of Peru after three weeks, and heading to the big city of Lima. I’m not sure I’m ready.


This is our boat, taking us back to Puno, where we will then go to the airport and fly to Lima


Flying into Lima, it’s late, we had a five hour delay in Puno.

We are staying at Hotel B in the Barranco section of Lima. A quiet area of this enormous city.



Some late night goodies at the bar.


Garlic Shrimp


Artichoke Carpaccio


Mini Burgers

All was delicious.

After a good night sleep, this is the morning layout for breakfast



On The Road ~ Lake Titicaca Peru 35

Next stop is the island of Amantani, where we will spend the night at the Amantica Lodge.


Endless terracing.


We got good at boat hopping when the boats are docked together…


Hiking to the Lodge


Greetings and welcome to the Amantica Lodge


Perched on the side of the cliff, you enter into another world. This space is only for you, including a kitchen (the top building) where a chef prepares local organic meals for you. There is a second bedroom, but we didn’t need it. The family lives way up the hill, you can’t see it in this photo.



One night was not enough in this special place, the stars at night were unreal, the Milky Way as clear as can be.

It was sad saying goodbye to Oswald and his beautiful family and Chef.


Check out the website for more info on this special little spot www.amanticalodge.com

On The Road ~ Lake Titicaca Peru 34

Next  stop on the lake is an island called Taquile, where we stopped for lunch in a family owned establishment.


Yes we had to pay a small toll to visit this island.


Beautiful spot for lunch, incredible view.

First we were served local style potato soup with salsa, delicious.


Then vegetable omelet, notice you are served fries and rice.


Herbal tea to finish, can’t remember what it was.


Grandpa still knitting hats, everyone has a job here.



Notice the hinges on the gate, great job at recycling.


Little boy walking home from school.

On The Road ~ Lake Titicaca Peru 33

We arrived in Puno, where we were met by our guide Meliton and boat captain Alfredo.


So off we went. The Lake is large and deep, in the Andes, on the borders of Bolivia and Peru. It is the largest Lake in South America.



Yes, we had to pay a toll to be able to explore the lake and the islands.

One of the amazing things you discover on Lake Titicaca is the “Floating Islands”. These small islands are man made by the Uru people from layers of cut Totoro, a thick buoyant reed that grows abundantly in the shallows of Lake Titicaca. These islands built of  reeds, can be moved into deep water or different parts of the lake. walking on them, feels like walking on a moving boat.



The ladies are waiting for us, to show us how they make these Floating Islands, on the right is a taxi boat that you can take from island to island.


Mud on bottom actually floats, then they lay layers of reeds on top, crisscrossing the layers. Difficult to imagine.


Sleeping quarters.


Wait come back, I’m not finished shopping.


We did take a little taxi ride.