On The Road ~ To Colca Canyon Peru 20

This Canyon is reported to be one of the deepest in the world, reaching a depth of 4,160 meters (12,939 feet) it is located northwest of Arequipa.

We are headed to Colca Lodge Spa & Hot Springs

Altitude 11,000 feet

My suggestion is to NOT choose the scenic route, take the highway and that should be about two and a half hours by car or bus. As opposed to seven and a half over several mountain ranges. Though we did see the salt flats and a dam, without the help of many people, we might still be up in the mountains. 😬

Endless mountain ranges and valleys we crossed.




Salt Flats


Alpaca crossing

Below are kind people who gave us directions along the way.


A local shepherd


The dam, we almost freaked, there was a locked gate blocking our way. Finally a lovely man came out, gave us directions, opened the gate and in ten mins we were lost again.


This young man literally saved us, he went out of his way to get us out of the mountains and to the highway. A blessing.


Its getting late we are on the highway and have another hour and a half to our destination.


This is the highest altitude we got to.

206FD6CF-A59F-484C-8473-5606E3C08DA0Getting closer.


We made it, we are in the parking lot of  Colca Lodge 🙏🏻

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