On The Road ~ Sacred Valley Of The Incas Peru 28

Sacred Valley of The Incas – Moray and Maras

The Saltflats of Maras




The Sacred Valley was sustained not only by the fertility of its soils, the abundance of water and the benevolent climate, but also by springs of warm waters saturated with salt. This water was channeled to fill thousands of small shallow pools, that look like miniature terraces. From Inca time to today, this salt water is following the same channels into the Saltflats of Maras.



Moray is considered one of the most beautiful and sophisticated environmental laboratories of the Inca state, the special characteristics of this sheltered place lead some to think that Moray was the center that made it possible to develop varieties of corn that were adapted to higher lands. Each level was planted with different varieties , with different soil and mineral conditions. Early agricultural science for sure.

Terraces built by The Incas followed the curves of the land or mountains, so beautiful.


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