On The Road ~ Lake Titicaca Peru 35

Next stop is the island of Amantani, where we will spend the night at the Amantica Lodge.


Endless terracing.


We got good at boat hopping when the boats are docked together…


Hiking to the Lodge


Greetings and welcome to the Amantica Lodge


Perched on the side of the cliff, you enter into another world. This space is only for you, including a kitchen (the top building) where a chef prepares local organic meals for you. There is a second bedroom, but we didn’t need it. The family lives way up the hill, you can’t see it in this photo.



One night was not enough in this special place, the stars at night were unreal, the Milky Way as clear as can be.

It was sad saying goodbye to Oswald and his beautiful family and Chef.


Check out the website for more info on this special little spot www.amanticalodge.com

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