On The Road ~ Lima Peru 37

Today we meet up with Susie, she will be our last but not least Guide in this beautiful country of Peru.


This is an incredible archaeological site right in the middle of the Miraflores section of the city. This site is a Pre-Incan temple complex which was used by both the Wari and Lima cultures from 200 AD – 700 AD


From there we went to the amazing Muse Ora Del Peru or the Gold Museum of Peru. No photos allowed. The Museum holds over 8000 prehispanic gold and silver pieces. If you are ever here it’s a must go to see.


We then went off to the Monastery of St Francisco, incredible museum in its own right. Again no photos so i took some from their website.

The Catacombs beneath the Cathedral are amazing and endless, from little rooms to large ones like this.


Also amazing was the very old library with endless books that looked like they would float away like dust if you sneezed.


We finished off with lunch at Cala, on the water.


Susie, so sweet.


Ceviche many different ways.



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