On The Road ~ Lima Peru 39

Where to eat in Lima.

Next on the list is the extraordinary Central Restaurante.

The menu starts with the sea, then to the forest, the high jungle, the high Andes, to the Amazon. Your tastebuds will travel through Peru.

Central Restaurante is located in the Miraflores District of Lima, Peru, it is the flagship restaurant of Peruvian Chef Virgilio Martinez Velez, and serves as his workshop in the investigation and integration of indigenous Peruvian ingredients into the restaurant menu. Central is rated number 4 in the world.

For me this is where food art meets the art of plating at its highest degree.


Desert Plants: Hurango – Cactus – Sweet Potato Leaf. (You only eat the leaf)

There is a choice as to the number of courses you would like in your tasting menu, you can also ask for a vegetarian version in advance. We had 11 courses, one Mater Ecosystem (you eat all kinds of specialties) or The Vegetal Ecosystem


Those are rocks, not potatoes, all the plates are bite size morsels, see if you can tell.



Last but not least is Waters of Nanay, it was actually third in the Mater tasting. Piranhas – Cocona- Achiote- Huampo Bark. You eat the little bit on top, the Piranhas are frozen, not for eating.  Also the plates get taken away as soon as you are done, no playing with the Piranhas.

Below is a copy of the tasting menus, sorry i couldn’t get a better copy.


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