Sharing Information Of Relevance

As the publisher of edible Hawaiian Islands magazine for seven years, I have developed a strong sense of supporting all things local in the Hawaiian Islands. During this process, the topics have had a broad range: from food security, food safety, agriculture, ag tourism, travel, chefs, restaurants, events, recipes, people and the wonderful things they are doing in their communities.

With bases in Hawaii and NYC/East Hampton, with readers from around the world, not to mention the extensive travel we do; there is a lot to share.

From the food scene and what’s local in the Hawaiian Islands, to all points heading east across North America, as well as reporting on our travels through the US and places as far away as Bhutan, we will share it all.

In addition I’ll be sharing recipes and quirky things I’ve come across.

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Read, learn, enjoy, join in and travel with us.

With Aloha,


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