The Road IN Bhutan 29


We are feeling sad as we say good bye to all we have met. Thank you to all of the Amankora teams in each lodge we visited on our journey. Thank you Karma for you brilliant driving and thank you Nima for all of your knowledge, energy, and sense of humor, you made this journey even more special then we could have imagined. We will miss you.
Tashi Delek – (may all good things come to you) to everyone we met along the way.

The journey is not over, we leave now for Laos, via an overnight in Bangkok.

Enjoy some faces of Bhutan

The Road IN Bhutan 28


Our final dzong trek, Drukyul dzong built in 17cen. built to commentate the victory over Tibetan invasion.
The bath is traditional hot stone bath in spring water- Steven’s favorite.

The Road In Bhutan 27


Our last day in Paro Valley

The Road IN Bhutan 26


We did it! We made it all the way to Tigers Nest. This is was quite a dream and accomplishment.
You might want to google it.

The Road IN Bhutan 25


Not suffering in the food dept. It’s asparagus season.

The Road In Bhutan 24


We traveled an hour and a half to Ura festival, in Ura Lhakhang
Traditional costumes, the people are amazing. We had rain, but the show went on.

The Road IN Bhutan 23


We visited the temple where the 2nd Buddha meditated in the cave called Kurgay which means body imprint. He is also know as Guru Rinpochey which means precious master. He was here in Bhutan in the 8th century and is actually who bought buddhism to Bhutan. The temple was amazing built into the cave.

However, Yesterday we climbed two hours what felt like straight up rocks and narrow paths to Shugdra the cliff, where he also meditate in a cave. This one was quite a climb to get to and very small.
When we started out it looked like we were about to enter an Indiana Jones movie.