On The Road ~ Santiago Chile

Welcome to Santiago, our first stop on this Road Trip through South America. For many of you who know us, you know that we have done road trips sometimes by car… this trip has us traveling on all kinds of transportation.

Welcome to Hotel Santiago, a beautiful hotel with beautiful rooms and restaurants. Not to mention the beautifully helpful staff.


Our room with amazing windows.


The lobby is incredible and we got to see this tree being put together. They haven’t lit it yet, maybe we will get to see it on the way back here.


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On The Road ~ Kyoto, Japan #17

More Photos from Arashiyama, Kyoto




Waiting for a bus


Local Train Station


On The Road ~ Kyoto, Japan #16

While in this Western part of Kyoto, we walked forever including passing through the Sagano Bamboo Forest, Arashiyama, Kyoto.



It was a drizzly day which made it even more beautiful. we also walked through a number of shrines in the area.


On The Road ~ Tokyo, Japan #9

Here we are on the amazing Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) heading to Kyoto. This train goes about 200 mph…..

Below is a picture of Mt Fuji, a highlight on the trip from Tokyo to Kyoto, the ride is a little over 2 hours.


These are beautiful Bento Boxes we had for lunch.



Edible Travel – The Cape Cod Road Trip

If your heading to Cape Cod in these last few weeks of Summer, be sure to click below, to find out where to visit and where to eat.

Join us on our summer road trip to Cape Cod as we explore the food and culture in some of the 15 towns that make up the Cape. Our guest and guide is Dianne Langeland, who along with her husband Doug, has been publishing Edible Cape Cod since July 2004. We’ll start at the end of the Cape in Provincetown where we are introduced to a Portuguese bakery in operation for more than 100 years.

For lot’s of information and tips, click below. Have a lobster for me!

Source: Edible Travel – The Cape Cod Road Trip

Edible Institute, Presented by Edible Communities

Hope to see you all there!

Who Should Attend?
Food entrepreneurs, food writers, culinary and hospitality students, chefs, restaurant managers/owners, farmers market managers, food retailers…and anyone who is passionate about food and the ways in which it impacts our world.

Click below for details.

Source: Edible Institute, Presented by Edible Communities

Family Day Trip: Lavender by the Bay

From Edible Long Island

Lavender by the Bay Blooms in East Marion
By We Know Stuff Photos by Denine Anderson Regan


In case you’re wondering, the rumors are true. At Lavender by the Bay, fields of lavender stretch as far as the eye can see when the flowers are in bloom.

Read more, click below.

Source: Family Day Trip: Lavender by the Bay