On The Road ~ Sapporo, Japan #2

Eating in Sapporo

Pumpkin Soup

Foil Gras w/ Tomatoe
Tenderloin and Kobe Steaks
Steaks Grilling Under The Dome

Garlic Chips Perfection

On The Road ~ Sapporo, Japan #1

Flying into Sapporo, capital of the mountainous northern Japanese island of Hokkaido is famous for it’s beer, skiing and annual Sapporo Snow Festival with enormous ice sculptures. We missed the ice sculptures though.

Hawaiian Air has a non stop flight from Honolulu to Sapporo 8 hours…. we are actually on our way to Niseko, world renowned ski resort, so two nights and a day here before a 3 hour ride to the mountains.

Lunch-Soba Noodles…. soba noodles are made from buckwheat. Served with assorted tempura veggies.

If your having trouble not know what you want to eat, perhaps this will help?

Lots to see in Sapporo

Ski jump from the 1972 Winter Olympics.

Fushimi Imari Shrine

Chi-Ka-Ho, the underground walkway connecting Odori and Sapporo Station. It is right under the Main Street in Sapporo. Besides getting you to the train station, the is how you get to all the shopping, endless shopping. No worries about the weather… When we left they were setting music and conference areas, very cool.

If you are traveling with kids or just love candy, visit the Chocolate Factory…

On The Road ~ Kyoto, Japan #21

Restaurant TAKA

One of our last nights in Kyoto, we were sent on an adventure to find this very special restaurant in a tiny little alley of Kyoto.

Taka is a modern standing bar.

Chef TAKA: Born in Uji, Kyoto. After being trained at Kyoto style Kaiseki, moved to Milano, Italy. While working at NOBU/Armani in Milano for over 10 years and after living in Italy, Australia and Denmark, he returned to Kyoto in 2016. He decided to stay and open a small gastropub to provide fusion dishes and drinks of Italian and Kyoto style Japanese.


This is a must if you are staying in Kyoto. The space is tight, but you feel welcomed immediately. We sat downstairs at the bar, but there is an upstairs and people who were leaving from there were happy and excited to share their good byes and praise to  Chef Taka.


Chef Taka is on the left.IMG_8958


Grilled Rice IMG_8964

This is how they serve Chicken Wings, very cool!IMG_8966

On The Road ~ Kyoto, Japan #20

Natsuko (our very special guide) had an adventure scheduled today, an hours ride to a place that many tourists don’t go to, but should.

Miyama-Kita Village is where you will see a traditional Japanese landscape which became a cultural heritage site in 1993. This includes the houses, forest, rice fields, vegetable gardens, stonewalls, walkways etc.The entire village has to work together to preserve the village.



These thatched roof houses are called Kitayama style farm houses. There are 50 in Kita Village, 38 of them have thatched roofs. most were built 150-200 years ago. One of the buildings is the Miyama Folklore Museum, where you can have a tour and see exactly what it was like all those years ago. Here are a few photos for example.

Natsuko sharing all her knowledge as we walk the village.

IMG_8909 2



After spending time in the village, there is a great lodge-style restaurant “Kitamura” on the river. The food was fantastic.

Local Venison, Amazing


Pork Katsu


On The Road ~ Kyoto, Japan #19

Heading back to Kyoto, spending a few days at the new Four Seasons, Kyoto. We want to thank the wonderful  staff, and if you stay here, be sure to find the Manager, Alex Porteous and say hello for us.

Besides the beautiful rooms, the flower arrangements and art throughout the public areas of the hotal







Incredable pool and spa



Tea House





On The Road ~ Kyoto, Japan #18

Restaurant Le Plat Plus:

We headed out to a neighborhood restaurant, a French Restaurant recommended by the concierge of Kyo-Suiran where we were staying in Arashiyama, Japan. The food was excellent, the environment so French, we highly recommend if you are in the area.



Fresh Pea Soup


Charcuterie Platter


Confit of Duck



This wine was delicious



On The Road ~ Kyoto, Japan #17

More Photos from Arashiyama, Kyoto




Waiting for a bus


Local Train Station