On The Road ~ Lake Titicaca Peru 35

Next stop is the island of Amantani, where we will spend the night at the Amantica Lodge.


Endless terracing.


We got good at boat hopping when the boats are docked together…


Hiking to the Lodge


Greetings and welcome to the Amantica Lodge


Perched on the side of the cliff, you enter into another world. This space is only for you, including a kitchen (the top building) where a chef prepares local organic meals for you. There is a second bedroom, but we didn’t need it. The family lives way up the hill, you can’t see it in this photo.



One night was not enough in this special place, the stars at night were unreal, the Milky Way as clear as can be.

It was sad saying goodbye to Oswald and his beautiful family and Chef.


Check out the website for more info on this special little spot www.amanticalodge.com

On The Road ~ Machu Picchu Peru 29

Taking the train to to the bus to get to Machu Picchu



Our train partners, so sweet, they made the ride more pleasant. Hope they see this.

Welcome to the Sanctuary Lodge located right at the gate to the of Machu Picchu






Trout Burger, capers, tomatoes, local cheese, lettuce. Local Trout


Avocado salad with lettuce wrapped in cucumber


Potato “Causa”, mashed potato’s flavored with lime juice (bottom layer)

Avocado from Quillabamba (center)

Chicken In aioli sauce (top) their garden tomatoes on top… was amazing.



Foie Gras with elderberry, grapes, apples and Pink Maras Salt .


Duck Magret with gooseberry sauce,  vegetable quinoa.


Beef tenderloin medallions with pink peppercorn sauce, Andean mashed potatoes flavored with truffles and Andean chi i hurry.



On The Road ~ Sacred Valley Of The Incas Peru 28

Sacred Valley of The Incas – Moray and Maras

The Saltflats of Maras




The Sacred Valley was sustained not only by the fertility of its soils, the abundance of water and the benevolent climate, but also by springs of warm waters saturated with salt. This water was channeled to fill thousands of small shallow pools, that look like miniature terraces. From Inca time to today, this salt water is following the same channels into the Saltflats of Maras.



Moray is considered one of the most beautiful and sophisticated environmental laboratories of the Inca state, the special characteristics of this sheltered place lead some to think that Moray was the center that made it possible to develop varieties of corn that were adapted to higher lands. Each level was planted with different varieties , with different soil and mineral conditions. Early agricultural science for sure.

Terraces built by The Incas followed the curves of the land or mountains, so beautiful.


On The Road ~ Urubamba Peru 26

Urubamba is the town you stay in to visit the Incan wonders of the Sacred Valley.


Ice berg over the Sacred Valley


Getting around town, Urubamba in what we call TukTuk’s….


Where to eat in Urubamba



The Fresh Market in Urubamba




On The Road ~ Cusco Peru 24

So much ancient history in Cusco.6FF3E9AD-2B57-403D-81EA-734C3EF469D4

Church of Santo Domingo and Coricancha


How were the Incas able to create these huge stones, get them placed, and set with no concrete type of material. The shapes and fits are fascinating. The tasks similar to the Pyramids in Egypt.

92DF362D-B5A9-4E9C-B834-C073BD36D506Welcome to Saqsaywaman, say it slowly, or some say Sacsayhuamán




There is so much history in Peru, I can hardly break the surface. If you want more detail, just look up any of these places.


On The Road ~ Cusco Peru 23

Short flight to Cusco, a city in the Peruvian Andes, was once capital of the Inca Empire, and is now known for its architectural remains and Spanish colonial architecture.


This was our greeting party.

Altitude 11,230 feet. You need to walk slowly.

We are staying at an extraordinary hotel. Aranwa Cusco Boutique Hotel.

This is a Museum Hotel, with Colonial Art on the walls, in a XVI Century Mansion. It has been a National Historical Heritage since 1980. It once belonged to Don Domingo de Artaza in the sixteenth century.

I have a few photos, but will be back in about four days. Everything is exquisite.


Have Coca Tea for the Altitude while checking in… it actually helps.


Pisco Sour a traditional drink in Peru, before dinner, it tastes a little like a margarita.



On The Road ~ Arequipa Peru 22

Back to Arequipa for a night, at Casa Andina Premium Arequipa where we started,  beautiful  architecture and antiques.


Early breakfast before heading to Cusco.