The Road IN Bhutan 18


We are in the beautiful valley of Gangtey, 10 thousand feet. Mountains surround and fields are potatoes.

The Road IN Bhutan 17


More renovation

The Road IN Bhutan 16


After the market we also stopped at a temple built 1638 that is under renovation, amazing the hand crafting being done.

The Road IN Bhutan 15


As we leave the beautiful warm valley of Punakha, we head on our car ride to Gangtey Valley, about three hours of curvey mountain roads. We started out in Thimphu at 8 thousand feet, left there went through a beautiful pass at 10 thousand feet, Punakha at 4 thousand feet and we will bet at 10 thousand feet in Gangtry. We’ve gotten used to the elevation. On the way out of Punakha we stopped at the Saturday Market.

The Road IN Bhutan 14


Assorted photos before leaving Punakha

The Road IN Bhutan 13


Steven at the local pool/bar – I can’t let him out alone

The Road IN Bhutan 12


Assorted views