On The Road ~ The Palazzo Fortuny, Venice, Italy

The Palazzo Fortuny is an art museum in San Marco, Venice, Italy.

Me in the art, an entire mirrored room.

Once owned by the Pesaro family, this Gothic building in Campo San Beneto, near the church of the same name, was transformed by Mariano Fortuny into his own photography, stage-design, textile-design and painting atelier. For a time, the palace was known as the Palazzo Orfei after an 18th-century tenant, a musical society known as the Accademia d'Orfeo.[1] The building maintains the structure created by Fortuny, as well as its collections. The building was donated to the city in 1956 by Henriette Nigrin, Mariano’s widow. The collections within the museum comprise an extensive number of pieces which reflect the various fields investigated by the artist.

On The Road ~ Revenna, Italy

Driving from Venice to Bologna we stopped for lunch in Revenna.

Pasta Bolognese

Ravioli with spinach and fresh tomato sauce

Yes there are Porchini's in there


On The Road ~ Venice, Italy #6

We loved this restaurant and everyone in it.

Always local wine.


On The Road ~ Venice, Italy #5

Heading to Cipriani for lunch.



on The Road ~ Venice, Italy #4

So many amazing walks and sights.

This is beautiful.

But this one, was like a bad dream


On The Road ~ Venice Italy #3

First dinner, we get in a boat, get out at the destination, but have to find our way winding through dark narrow alley's. Wondering if we'll find our wY back.

Restaurant Osteria Da Fiore

Understated and elegant, a modern take on traditional Venetian cuisine. Reservations recommended.


Razor Clams
Amazing sweet shrimp on toast.



On The Road ~ Vence, Italy #2

First meal in Venice, on the rooftop of Hotel Danieli, joined by our friend Sandra.

Great friends.