On The Road ~ Budapest, Hungary #6

Museum of Applied Arts

The building in itself is an art piece.






On The Road ~ Budapest, Hungary #5

The National Museum,

Very interesting Hungarian Art







On The Road ~ Budapest, Hungary #4

Eating in Budapest


Chef Arpad Gyorffy

Goat cheese, beetroot variations, hazelnuts

Foie gras terrine, hibiscus, plum, brioch.

Baby roast chicken, red cabbage, mushroom sauce.

Hungarian spareribs.


In The Four Seasons Hotel – Gresham Palace




On The Road ~ Budapest, Hungary #3

Eating in Budapest

Aszu Etterem

Chef Norbert Fekete

Goulash Soup
Grilled duck liver, chocolate sponge cake, mango, hazelnuts.

Duo of mangalitza pork, red cabbag cream, Jerusalem artichoke, Aszu flavored quince.

Chocolate cakelet, banana ice cream, chocolate tulle, mango.





On The Road ~ Budapest, Hungary #2

Four Seasons Hotel – Gresham Palace – Budapest

A beautiful example of Art Nouveau architecture.

Extraordinarily beautiful.





On The Road ~ Budapest, Hungary

Hello Budapest.

Budapest is really two cities divided by the Danube. The famous Chain Bridge opened 1849, which finally connected the two cities. Buda on the west side of the river is about palaces and Medieval Castles, the National Museum is a must. The Pest side on the east side of the river, holds the commercial heart, the business section, the hotels, shops and restaurants.


On The Road ~ Vienna, Austria #6

Leaving Vienna – your a beautiful city.