On The Road ~ Niseko, Japan #10

Where To Eat In Niseko

KAMIMURA – The Iconic Michelin-starred French restaurant, defines exquisite dining in Niseko.

By Chef Owner Yuichi Kamimura

Born in Hokkaido, Yuichi spent his formative years in his parents restaurant. After 10 years working and influenced by renowned chef Tetsuya Wakuda in Sydney, Yuichi returned to Niseko and is passionate about the relationship between Hokkaido’s pristine natural environment and exquisite cuisine.

Niseko Beetroot Crepe
eggplant, olive, shallot, tofu cream
Matured Potato
racketeering, mushroom powder, anchovy, hazel nut
Chargrilled Hokkaido Wagyu
watercress, Hokkaido mushroom, veal jus
Steamed Menuke Fish
shungiku, daikon, saikyo miso, clam cabbage
Shibetsu Lamb Noodle
kuzukiri, onion, salted pepper
Koicha Sorbet
fukujuen matcha green tea
Happy Cows’ Ice Cream
white chocolate mouse, custard, strawberry

On The Road ~ Niseko, Japan #9

Where To Eat In Niseko


By Chef Sugaya Shinichi

In The Village of Makkari about a half hour ride from town is well worth the drive. The theme of the restaurant is the WIND. Located in an Agricultural area, the food is locally grown and sourced.

This was an amazing salad with beef and lamb bites
Grilled Leek
Hamachi in foam amazing
Hokkaido Beef with Layered Potatoes and Shishito Pepper
Rice with Crunchi Veggies
Dessert – Pistachio and Hazelnut in Chocolate Cuo and Mango Ice Cream

The wonderful Managers who showed us a great evening.

On The Road ~ Niseko, Japan #8

Where To Eat In Niseko:

A Favorite Little Local Place That Everyone Loves


Local Oysters Hokkaido

Veggie Dish, Tofu, Cabbage, Root Vegetable In Broth
Walking Home, The Mountains in the background.

On The Road ~ Niseko, Japan #7

Where to Eat In Niseko:


by 3-Star Michelin Chef Hiroshi Nakamichi

Hearty Minestrone Soup with Salad on the Toast

Fresh Oysters from Hokkaido (Kakiemon) Konbu Marinated Flounder wrapped with Rice Herb Salad. Similar to Lau Lau in Hawaii

Pork Loin, Locally Sources from Hokkaido with Puréed Potato
Lily Root

Amazing Sweet Onions with Beacon

Fresh Made Marshmallow

Black Bean Chocolate, Guimauvie, Sable Cookies and Fresh Marshmallow

Soufflé Galces aka Strawberry Air…amazing

The Ride Up The Mountain To Asperges for Lunch

On The Road ~ Niseko, Japan #6


Acorn Niseko

This is a brilliant and beautiful restaurant, a must on your list in Niseko. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable about the food and the wine to pair with it.

The owner Chef El Bulli a 3 Star Michelin chef and restaurant designer Ron Herman maximize nature’s blessings, “acorn” with a very modern interpretation of Japanese food.

Oshiki “Prologue” a traditional soup to start the meal, Miso, Rice and Celery Root.

Sakizuke “Snacks” Trees With Snow, pop cone on tree cracker, Uni on Squid Ink
Mukozuke “Twilight” Sashimi Trout with Salmon Roe and Strawberry
Yakimonowan “Composition #1” Spanish Mackerel with Shungiku leaf (Chrysanthemum)

Yakimono “Composition #1” also Grilled Pork
Shiizakana “For Champagne”
Takiawase “Flavor Of Soil, Wagyu” Nagasaki Beef with Carrot powder

Tomewan “Sign of Spring” Porridge of Rice in Chicken Stock with Uruk Leaf “Spring is Coming

On The Road ~ Niseko, Japan #5

Where to Eat In Niseko:

The Barn

Sea Food Platter
Sea Urchin in Shell
A Walk After Dinner Looking For A Night Cap
The Bar Gyu – The Fridge Door… The Door is about 4 feet high.

Snow Drift Art In Front Of Our Hotel Wishing Us Good Night!

On The Road ~ Niseko, Japan #4

Where to eat in Niseko:

Restaurant La Villa Lupicia

Hokkaido Oyster

Great Bolognese Special with Hokkaido Beef
Sautéed Flounder From Suttu with Americane Sauce, Yes that’s how it is spelled.

Hokkaido Skirt Steak with Red Wine Sauce

Local Beer

There was also live music.